Wednesday, May 5, 2010

HEELLO .. again;p

Everyone I have great news! I've created a new blog, with just about the same idea as this.. only newer:p
Hope you'll make time to visit it! x

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bubbyee blog;o

sayonara b-town;p I'm thinking this is just temporary, but hey I'll be back soon, and with a story! I hope. My other blogs are still alive; curlydays should be working in a few weeks, so watch out for that. I'm not sure what's going to happen to graygoose though. I shall miss my slient and non silent readers, it's been a good rant!;p

Truly yours, x

Friday, December 11, 2009

We Are Fierce;

     Is it just me or is the whole of kuwait getting more and more aggressive every year? It's insane really! What will we ever solve with our aggressiveness? Other than to point out who's in power, it does us no good. It's like the atmosphere here is so thick and tence you could probably cut it with a butter knife. What ever happened to peace love and rock'n'roll? ;p Why is everyone so angry all the time?! I think someone might need a vacaation :) or some happy pills.

Thankyou monoscope. for this foto, x

Truly yours, x

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Talk of The Town.

Hellooo all! Are you just diggin' this weather? Or are you just diggin' it?;p ahah I love this time of the year! Seriously, it holds all this ambiguity. It's not yet winter, but it's not hot either. It's so my kinda weather. I usually thought of myself as a summer person, but to tell you the truth, after living in K-town for just about all my life!;p you get tired of the constant heat throughout most of the seasons. It also makes me happy that I can go out casually dressed and find everyone else dressed just about the same.

Doesn't it seem like this world has gone vampire crazy? It's a vampire vortex that I think I may be getting sucked into! ;o For probably the whole past month, that's all i've been hearing. It's all about Vampire this, Vampire that, Vamp. Make up, Vamp. Style, Vampire guys! Sure I don't mind a thrilling series or movie to watch, but from all the insane stories I've heard about people's reactions to these heavenly creatures I don't think its a healthy obsession. A friend of mine the other day said she heard of these girls who scratched their necks [Yes, THEIR NECKS] 'till they bled when they ran into the main man  from "Twilight" at an airport. I wonder what's the next "habba"? Aliens maybe? Dinosaurs? Who knows ;].

Also! 3eed is just around the corner:] so 3eidkum mbaraaaak mubakeran err'body. Anyone traveling?;p

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Funny how their topic is similar to mine;p

Truly yours, x

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Yahaaaalooo! ;p

So I was negotiating ma3a rou7iii, what should I base this post on? W today gave me the best example possible! Every where I turned, a Little bit of my childhood was peeking. Ahh, the good ol' days. What happened to all those naive memories? What a fast change we've gone through.

     Ga3da ib ma63am ams wla shnu athker? Those lovely brainwashing songs we used to chant after those adorable furry creatures. faj2a out of nowhere I'm singing things like "down in the jungle where nobody goes, lived a great big elephant washing his clothes, with a rub a dub here.."; You get the idea. Wel naas kilha t6al3nii ;p 7asait nafsee feeny na8s 6ufuula so obviously i stopped doing that..

     B3daain ilyom ana w a few frnds ga3deen insolf 3an ayam gabl, lama we were little kindergarteners shloun kinna nhaded the grls we disliked or feared with our "shir6y uncles who can put them in jail" Or "our high priority parents who can have them taken care of". It's hilarious how we thought of that b9ara7aa. Who comes up with this stuff for us ;p? We would've been genius comedians.

     Ba3ad mnu yathkeeer? *picks up finger while slowlyy liffing it across face* "Haaa A7aaarbeech/ck?!" Wetha ba6aw chabdkum the grl/boy, you insanely/rapidly move your finger across your face indicating innich/k M7arbat'hum forever (unless they have a good snack to share;p).

     Madre 3ankum walla, but I had this little mean streak growing up (no one would believe that if they  knew me now, I'm like the kindest there is! ;c hmph), w kl ma i had an "enemy" I'd create these little plots to make their lives miserable. Although I feel mega bad thinking about it now, its a reminiscable memorie to go back to. ;p

Most memorable childhood memorie of mine;
      The uther day g3d asolef ma3a my bro, w kan ygoulii what a mean little devil I was. When I was about 6 yrs old, we had this german shepard I adored (although I was deathly scared of it, because of its enormity!;p) Ga3d ygouuliii shlon i used to throw rocks 3ala 7osh bayt yeraaana (yes rocks!) laima y93doun il fence bayn the two houses 3ashan yt'hawshoun b3dain i make fake dog noises (because as I said I was afraid of the real dog, just enjoyed the idea of him) w agouluhumm, "Choufooow Our dog's mad!" ;o w then i go, "Lathkhalouni ahida 3aleikum!" Wel mushkila knt a9adeg chthbty! w uhma msakeen they'd have their little brother act like a dog to scare us. In the end we'd always win cuz our dog was "REAL":p good times.

Thankyou EverythingAllTheTime  for this foto, x

Anyways a7is I've ranted on about my chidhood for ages! I just miss it dearly ;c. So tell me about your most memorable childhood moment if you'd like.

Truly yours, x

Monday, November 9, 2009

Character of My Week;

The Bomb Like Tick Tick;

     Lil wayne. He defines Awesometasticle! This man is truly one of the most amazing hip hop artists/ rappers I've ever heard of. I mean, apart from the fact that he's everywhere which makes him really hard to miss, his wording & the way he phrases things are just incredible! Also, he's started at a very young age. His lyrics really make me wanna listen for more. He's definitely made a name for himself. & since it's been a while since i've posted a character, I think this guy deserved it since he's what I'm always in the mood to listen to.
ps; 7aftha ta8reeban all his lyrics!;o I'm so proud of myself. :]

Thankyou zimbio  for this foto, x

Favorite lyrics;
"Bitch I'm the bomb like tick tick." 
"Trapped in a maze, therefore I am amazing."
"I turn you on like a handle, like the television on the weather channel."
"I'm so fly ya'll still at the terminal."
"I'm so fly I'm on autopilot."
- && many many more.

Truly yours, x

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ignorance the coke man, Ignorance is bliss; Ignorance is love && I need that shit.

Satisfaction does not exist in this world.
What is happy? Are we worthy of that emotion?
We are indeed the sad souls that have embodied us for eternity.
What is life if it's not worth living? What's a challenge if it's not worth a risk?
 Individuality is what we seek, yet we are headed in the exact opposite direction.
We are not realizing what we do to ourselves.
But soon, when it all becomes clear, we will be in awe of what we have doomed ourselves with.
&& all those lies, conspiracies, and what betrayals? Are they really of great necessity?
In the end its on your own; Nothing or no one will be of any good to you.
They say the truth will set you free; Mankind must've skipped that chapter of life.
We are accustomed to all the wrongs in life; Even hope has betrayed us. So what is a person to do nowadays?
Sing along and dance a happy dance, because today may be your only chance.
Live it to the fullest; We owe that much to ourselves, don't we?

Thankyou trekearth for this foto, x

Truly yours, x